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Hello! Welcome to my Illustration Blog!

Updated: Apr 13

It's a pleasure to meet you here! My name is Charles Ta. I am an NJ-based illustrator and artist who loves creating detailed artworks, usually in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, and on topics such as environmentalism. Not too long ago, I graduated from the New School's BAFA program, with a degree in Illustration from Parsons School of Design.

Since that time, I have been working hard to make my long time passion into a full-fledged career, knowing full well the road hasn't been easy, and won't get any easier in the future. But I push on, and will continue to push forward with the understanding that, in the end, my efforts will be worth it.

That brings me to the subject of this blog, and what it's all about. Besides visual art and illustration, I have always loved to write, and have been told I have a knack for it. When not drawing, I'm usually either writing a short story or a poem, or reading a great book.

So it's perhaps no surprise that I'm looking to use this blog to tell my story, and to tell stories about the stories I am creating with my art, which themselves are attempts at making sense of the world we're currently living in (or at imagining new worlds that accomplish similar goals). Because that's what art is at the end of the day: a medium for telling stories to people-- a medium we've been using ever since the earliest hominid Neanderthals first began drawing animals on cave walls.

Indeed, art is what makes us human, for we are meaning-making creatures of narrative, without which we would be aimless beasts prowling across a hellscape of meaninglessness. Art has power, enough to change people's minds and hearts, and even whole nations and the world as a whole. It is this power, this sense of meaning, that I wish to communicate and evoke in my work, and I hope it succeeds in impacting you as much as art has made an impact on my life.

With the above in mind, expect to see more posts in the future in which I discuss everything from my artistic process to climate change to mythology and aliens (as a firm believer in the existence of UFOs and a skeptic of anthropocentric claims that "we're alone" in the Universe. I find this mathematically impossible). Being an artist, after all, entails a certain compulsion to love the truth, to love living a meaningful life in direct opposition to the false, purposeless lives lived by so many.

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